About 'The Barley Moon' (and the 'Barley Moon')

Getting started as an independent artist isn't easy - creating and managing an online presence, and which is commerce enabled, with social media channels, and considering order fulfilment and distribution - and because of this the work of many talented goes unshared with the world.
The Barley Moon is a small collective of independent artists and photographers off all ages (10-75 so far) who want to share our visions, and versions, of the natural inspiration that can be found all around us. Life, quite naturally, has it's ebb and flow, and there will always be comforts that we can provide each other, and perspectives that we can choose to take.
The 'Barley Moon' is also the Full moon in August that marks the start of the harvest. Before electricity and motorised vehicles, the full moon provided illumination, even in the darkest hour.
Historically the broader community would pull together, to make the most of the available crops, with villagers from all walks of life and all professions pulling together to help make the most of what nature provided - in order to make life better during the colder month that would inevitably lie ahead.
There is a time to sow, and a time to reap.

Sunflowers at Sunset